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taylorswift invited over 400 fans to visit her at her homes in the US and UK to listen to her new album before it was released. She called it the ‘1989 Secret Sessions’.


So when i was younger i, um, i was really fascinated by this story that i heard about these two teenagers who fell in love over the course of three days and um, the one thing that made me really sad about it was that it had a tragic ending, and so uh, i wrote this song, i hope it’s okay with you but, i changed the ending.”

taylorswift being her adorable self on Access Hollywood

Taylor Swift’s Fans *Die* at 1989 Secret Listening Parties

The lights are so bright but they never blind me…


Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before,
And it said Welcome to New York,
It’s been waiting for you.

What if I was with these ballerinas, but I’m just a terrible ballerina. And so I just decide to let it go and like not, not try to be like them anymore just be like me. And what if in the end, dancing like me is good enough.